Ulster GAA welcomes €50m partner funding from the Irish Government for Casement Park

Ulster GAA welcomes ‘the hugely significant and important contribution of the Irish Government to the re-development of Casement Park’, following the announcement today that it will be investing €50m in the landmark West Belfast stadium.

Announced as part of a wider investment package within the Shared Island Fund, the Irish Government’s support for the re-development of the stadium is a further boost to the project which has seen maintenance and pre-enabling works commencing on site this week.

Named as one of the ten host venues for the UEFA EURO 2028 Championships, Ulster GAA is confident that the stadium will be built in line with the UEFA timelines with GAA games being played at the stadium in 2027.

Commenting Tom Daly, Ulster GAA Stadium Board Chairperson said:

“We welcome, and thank, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and the Government for the hugely significant and important contribution to support the construction of Casement Park which will leave a legacy not only for the Gaels of Antrim and Ulster, but for all of society.

“We have been working closely with the Taoiseach’s office to bring the Irish Government on board to contribute to the Ulster GAA’s overall partnership funding package for the stadium which reflects its ambition to foster long lasting sporting, cultural and economic opportunities in the province. Throughout the process the Taoiseach and all of Government have been steadfast and consistent in their support for, and commitment to, helping Ulster GAA deliver a modern fit for purpose GAA stadium for the whole community.

“We also recognise that this will contribute significantly to both North South and East West relationships.”

Ulster GAA President, Ciaran McLaughlin said:

“This is a tremendous boost for all GAA members today.  Following on from successful bid by the UK & Ireland to secure the UEFA EURO 2028 Championships and the recent return of the Assembly and Executive we now have a once in a generation opportunity, to further advance community reconciliation and showcase this great city to the world.”

Commenting Seamus McMullan, Chair of Antrim GAA, said:

“This is a very important announcement, and we would like to thank the Taoiseach and the Government for their committed support. Anticipation, and excitement, is palpable amongst players and members in our County as we take another step closer to rebuilding Antrim’s home ground.  With initial works having commenced on site, we look forward to the project now moving at pace as we plan for an exciting new future for Antrim, both on and off the field.”

Ulster GAA confirmed last week that they written to residents and updated the local voluntary, business and tourism community about pre-enabling works taking place on site throughout February and March, followed by site clearance from April to June, including the removal of the old terracing.

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