Sustainability has been very important in the design process for the new Casement Park. The following enhancements have been built into the stadium at design stage:

  •  The structural design has been refined to be as lightweight as possible, reducing the embodied carbon of the building. As much as possible, precast materials will be used to reduce any site waste of excess materials.
  • Low-energy climate control and lighting systems will be implemented throughout the building.
  • Water consumption will be minimised through a combination of harvesting rainwater for pitch irrigation, push-button taps which restrict duration of flow, sanitary shut off valves to prevent water flow during times of no occupancy, waterless urinals and dual flush WCs.
  • Heat loss will be limited by grouping together heated and unheated spaces within the building.
  • The design scheme will achieve a BREEAM rating of “Very Good”. BREEAM is an internationally recognised ratings system for assessing the sustainability of buildings.